Corporate Brand Logos

Please follow the application guidelines below when using our logo. In most cases, use our full horizontal logo; use the badges only in applications where the full logo does not fit or is already featured elsewhere prominently. Do not alter the logo in any way.

Full-Color Logo

Use the full-color logo on any white or light background. Do not place this logo on dark colors or complex backgrounds.

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Tri-Color Logo

Use the tri-color logo on dark backgrounds for high contrast and brand color recognition. This is the preferred logo for dark backgrounds.

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White Logo

Use the white logo on medium to dark backgrounds in cases where the tri-color logo clashes or does not have enough contrast.

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Additional Logos


Use the badges in applications where the full logo is too small to be legible or is not required, such as in favicons, social media avatars, swag, etc.

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Product Logos

Product logos are used only when we need to reference a specific Varonis product.

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Partner Logos

There are three categories of logos that can be used when promoting a role as a Varonis Channel Partner: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

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When applying the Varonis logo to digital and print materials, it’s important for brand awareness that other design elements do not interfere with the logo. Clearspace (empty space) around the logo should be at minimum the height of the Varonis logomark on all sides.


Color Considerations

When choosing a logo variation for any application, please consider carefully which options will allow for the greatest amount of contrast and logo prominence. Some examples of what to look for:

The tri-color logo placed on Dark Navy creates contrast, while allowing us to highlight our brand colors.
The white logo placed on Red Orange creates enough contrast for the logo to be clearly read.
The white logo placed on the photography background is easier to read and allows for better brand recognition.
The full-color logo placed on Dark Navy doesn’t create enough contrast between the logo and background.
The full-color logo placed on Red Orange blends into the background due to lack of contrast, and Cornflower Blue clashes.
The full-color logo placed on a busy photographic background blends into the image.

Logo Misuse and Modification

As with every brand under the sun, our logo is the piece of our identity we hold closest to our heart(s), and editing it in any shape or form is not permitted without explicit approval from the Varonis design team.


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