The Varonis logo, with its contrasting soft curves and hard edges, is reflective of the duality that defines our mission — the chaos of collaboration on one side, technology, analytics, and control on the other. There’s a lot of brand equity (and history!) in those backward slashes, so we treat our logo with the utmost care.


Download the logo pack

Pack includes .ai, .eps, and .png files.

Application guidelines

Clear space

To maximize the logo’s visibility and impact, use appropriate clear space. Clear space (blank space around the logo devoid of text, imagery, and other design components) should be the height of the logomark on all sides at minimum.



The logo can look optically misaligned without some adjustments, due to the negative space underneath the slashes on the left. For the logo to appear  horizontally centered, shift the logo to the left the width of one slash.

Logo-vrns-alignment-1 Logo-vrns-alignment-3 Logo-vrns-alignment-2

Logo misuse and modification

Our logo is a key piece of our identity and brand equity. Consistent, thoughtful application is paramount. Editing the logo in any way is not permitted without explicit approval from the Varonis Brand and Creative team.

Icon-X Don’t change the logo colors.
Icon-X Don’t rotate the logo.
Icon-X Don’t add effects (drop shadows, glow, bevels) to the logo.
Icon-X Don’t separate or remove components of the logo.
Icon-X Don’t outline the logo.
Icon-X Don’t disproportionately scale the logo.
Icon-X Don’t use full-color logo on dark or low-contrast backgrounds.
Icon-X Don’t use full-color logo on busy photographic backgrounds.

Product icons

The Varonis Data Security Platform is composed of multiple products, all bucketed under four use cases. Each product is assigned a custom icon that illustrates (abstractly) its primary function. Applications include website product pages, product documentation, and other collateral where differentiating product licenses is helpful.

Data protection
  • icon-DatAdvantage DatAdvantage
  • icon-automation-engine Automation Engine
  • icon-dataPriilege DataPrivilege
  • icon-dataTransportEngine Data Transport Engine
Threat detection
and response
  • icon-datAlert DatAlert
  • icon-edge Edge
  • icon-active-directory Varonis for
    Active Directory
Privacy and compliance
  • icon-DataClassificationEngine Data Classification Engine
  • icon-policyPack Policy Pack
  • icon-federalPolicyPack Federal
    Policy Pack
  • icon-dataClassificationLabels Data Classification Labels
  • icon-datAnswers DatAnswers
Cloud security
  • icon-datAdvantageCloud DatAdvantage Cloud
  • icon-datAlertCloud Data Classification Cloud
  • ProductIcon_DatAlertCloud_Light DatAlert Cloud
  • icon-microsoft365 Varonis for Microsoft 365

Download the logo pack

Pack includes .ai, .eps, and .png files.

Partner program logos

The Varonis Partner Program logo pack includes custom logos for our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum partners in full-color and tri-color variants. 


Download the logo pack

Pack includes .ai, .eps, and .png files.