Varonis Shapes

The Varonis shapes are a key element of Varonis’ visual language, designed to give a concrete identity to our three core use cases — Data Protection, Threat Detection & Response, and Privacy & Compliance. The shapes play a role in many facets of our brand identity, from visual representations of our use cases to patterns to visual accents.

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Data Security Platform

The Data Security Platform shape is the primary Varonis shape. An aggregate of the three “use case” shapes (below), this shape is used to visually represent the full Data Security Platform. The Platform shape can be used as a stand-alone visual or creatively cropped to create visual accents.


Data Protection

The Data Protection shape is built around a hexagon as its base, reminiscent of a honeycomb — like bees in a hive, users in the real world are constantly creating new data — and we help protect it.


Threat Detection & Response

The Threat Detection and Response shape is defined by a circle, representative of a target and our ability to detect and immediately respond to security threats.


Privacy & Compliance

A symmetrical diamond shape harnessing elements of both Data Protection and Threat Detection in its center, the Privacy & Compliance shape reflects how all elements of Varonis help our customers comply with constantly evolving data privacy regulations.


Colors and Line Weight

The Varonis shapes are designed with visual texture in mind, through variations on the palette and line weight variation. Please do not edit the shapes.

Primary Treatment
This is the most common color treatment of the Varonis shapes, set on our Deep Navy. Line stroke colors are Cornflower Blue and white.
Secondary Treatment
Secondary Treatment
On white backgrounds, you can use a variation of the use case shapes with Cornflower Blue and #3d5880 line strokes.
Tertiary Treatment
Tertiary Treatment
On lighter blues or accent colors, use the all-white variation. Please do not use this treatment in applications where the Primary treatment works well.
Tip When scaling the shapes, please ensure “Scale Strokes and Effects” is selected or the shapes are outlined to preserve intended line weights.