Our primary brand font is Proxima Nova. With modern geometric proportions, it is light and aesthetically pleasing without distracting from content or messaging. Proxima Nova includes a variety of weights, empowering us to lean on a single brand font and still achieve typographic texture and hierarchy.


Brand Font

Our primary brand font is Proxima Nova, a clean, modern geometric-inspired font. Airy, with a variety of weights, Proxima Nova allows us to create strong visual hierarchy through size and weight, without distracting the user from our content. Paired with generous line-height, our typography cohabitates well with our modern, premium brand palette.

Proxima Nova


Proxima Nova Light

Display text, titles, headers, subheaders


Proxima Nova Reg

Body copy


Proxima Nova Bold

Display text, titles, headers, subheaders



We create type hierachy through contrast of weight and size. When laying out type, consider whether the eye can easily identify where to begin reading and how to naturally follow the content. Sections should be clearly delineated with large headers, with adequate spacing.


This is an example
of title text.

Proxima Nova Light / Bold, 72/84pt

Body Text

This is an example of body copy. Note the open leading, with easy legibility and an airy, open feel. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy

Proxima Nova Regular 16/26pt

Color and Type

When choosing font colors, please choose colors that allow for high contrast and readability. Red Orange, the Use Case colors, and the expanded palette should not be used as type colors. Bright Yellow can be used on Dark Navy only.




To protect (and respect) license terms, we do not publicly distribute font files. Please reach out for access.

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