Use-case Branding

Varonis product marketing is anchored around three core use cases: data protection, threat detection and response, and privacy and compliance. Within our branding, each of these core use cases is assigned a unique (but subtle) visual identity to help differentiate across content.


The three use cases

Data protection

Data protection — securing data where it lives — is one of Varonis’ key offerings. With a range of products that help security teams surface and quickly remediate potential risks, Varonis’ capabilities in this space are unparalleled.

Threat detection
& response

With robust data-centric user behavior analytics, our threat-detection solutions detect anomalous access, stop insider threats and ransomware, and prevent data exfiltration. 

Privacy & compliance

From sensitive data discovery to automatic labeling, Varonis ensures compliance with privacy policies across multiple industries, from healthcare to government.


Each use case is associated with a brand color that evokes a specific emotion. Data protection, for example, is coded with a trustworthy, tranquil blue, while a hot, urgent alert-red evokes threat detection. We use a green-blue teal for privacy and compliance to convey approval and security.

Data protection
  • HEX #4a90e2
  • RGB 74, 144, 226
  • CMYK 67, 37, 0, 0
  • Pantone 279 C / 285 U
Threat detection & response
  • HEX #d21a27
  • RGB 210, 26, 39
  • CMYK 11, 100, 98, 2
  • Pantone 1795 C / Warm Red U
Privacy & compliance
  • HEX #00ece0
  • RGB 0, 236, 224
  • CMYK 100, 0, 5, 7
  • Pantone 3265 C

Visual representations


Dot matrices

Use the dot matrix use-case shapes when the use cases stand alone and/or there’s enough real estate to add emphasis, such as large event banners. Do not use these patterns at small sizes or on content-heavy documents.



Use the icons when the visual must be readable at small sizes, as on slides or in conjunction with dense written content. 

Dot matrix set

Data protection
Threat detection & response
Privacy & compliance

Icon set

Data protection
Threat detection & response
Privacy & compliance

Product categorization

We bucket products into use cases as a starting point for understanding our platform. In practice, however, there is a lot of crossover between products and use cases. Know that products can fall in multiple categories. Notice there’s a fourth evolving use case, cloud security. At this time, cloud security does not have any unique visual identity cues.

Data protection
  • icon-DatAdvantage DatAdvantage
  • icon-automation-engine Automation
  • icon-dataPriilege Data Privilege
  • icon-dataTransportEngine Data Transport Engine
Threat detection
& response
  • icon-datAlert DatAlert
  • icon-edge Edge
  • icon-active-directory Varonis for Active Directory
Privacy & compliance
  • icon-DataClassificationEngine Data Classification Engine
  • icon-policyPack Policy Pack
  • icon-federalPolicyPack Federal
    Policy Pack
  • icon-dataClassificationLabels Data Classification Labels
  • icon-datAnswers DatAnswers
Cloud security
  • icon-datAdvantageCloud DatAdvantage Cloud
  • icon-datAlertCloud Data Classification Cloud
  • ProductIcon_DatAlertCloud_Light DatAlert Cloud
  • icon-microsoft365 Varonis for Microsoft 365

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